Branch Office – Türkiye

Since the founding of gül koc interior design and construction services in Munich, 13+ years ago, Gül has managed to make an important dream of hers come true: give a new life to her parents’ home in their beloved country of Türkiye. In this journey, working with local people allowed her to see the potential to expand and bring to the country what gül koc GmbH has been contributing to the interior design and construction industry in Munich.

We are thrilled to extend the roots from Germany to this vibrant and dynamic country. And as we venture into this new chapter, our commitment remains unchanged – to serve our clients with the same dedication, integrity, and quality that defines us.

Officially, we are gül koc tasarım + mimarlık and we welcome you all to our new branch in Türkiye.

Come see us, we are now officially open! Hoş geldiniz!