Birkenstock Westfield

Symmetrical picture of the interior of BS Westfield

Birkenstock Westfield is located in the famous Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s Shepherd’s Bush neighbourhood. Set in one of Europe’s two largest shopping centres, this 96 sqm pop-up shop was completed in 2019. 

The concept is inspired by nature and brings the outdoors inside to create a calm yet refreshing shopping experience. Natural colours and design elements like cork, wood, and leather combine the concept with the classic Birkenstock philosophy. A blue, patch-work area rug anchors the floating wood and metal shoe displays in the center of the store. Leather cubes make for a comfortable seating and convenient try-on area. The calming blue colour is reflected on the drop ceiling in the typographic artwork, which spells out the Birkenstock name. This stunning and minimal typography is flanked on either side by track lighting that moves the eye from the front of the store to the back. The walls are lined with hanging display fixtures, suspended by rope.

Interior view of the BS store in Westfield

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Credits Birkenstock
Year 2019