Cotidiano Nordbad

Interior view of Cotidiano Nordbad

This charming Cotidiano restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Karstadt department store in Munich’s Schwabing neighbourhood.  Completed in 2017, it accommodates 80 people indoors and up to 100 people on the outdoor terrace.

The design welcomes guests into a friendly neighbourhood café. High-quality materials of leather, wood, and black finished metal are a defining feature of the restaurant and provide guests with a highly textural experience. Comfortable leather seating and rustic wood tables add a cosy element. The lighting casts a warm glow over the carefully selected wood wall panels. Photographs of the neighborhood line the walls and bring in the livelihood of the city. There is a range seating options that include bank seating, bar seating, table and high-top seating, making it the perfect place to meet a friend for coffee, dine solo or celebrate with family.

highlight wall in Cotidiano Nordbad
LP 5-9
Credits Sofie Latour Interior Photography
Year 2017