Interior view on the underwear department at Konen

For the new men’s innerwear department at Konen, one of Munich’s well-known, multi-brand luxury stores, a contemporary approach was taken up to maximise display and sales in a rugged masculine look.  

Owing to the brand’s high-end image, special consideration is given to the materials and lighting. The walls are covered with veneered oak wood lamellas, their form carved out from angular plains, connecting it to some of the existing store finishes. Their distance from the wall varies, as per the product display space requirements for the metal shelves that form the foreground of the geometric lamellas. The central art wall is finished in dark blue with a multitude of pins in varying depths, forming an abstract artistic impression of this particular zone in the store. The free-standing display furniture was welded out of raw steel mesh with ample space for display and advertisement. The central chandelier, a combination of multiple cuboid forms, stretches along the floor. The dark metal finish along with an LED lighting system provides the perfect look and luminosity levels to complete the intended atmosphere.

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LP 1-9
Year 2020