Lacoste Bahnhofstrasse

View on the facade of the Lacoste store in Zurich

The Lacoste store is located on Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s main downtown street and one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. As this retail store boasts such a prime location, it provides a luxurious experience for Lacoste’s clients and brand ambassadors.

The historical building has a double-height limestone façade and large storefront windows with LED screens to communicate Lacoste’s mission and display their best products. The store entrance is made out of a special metal profile, and a wood décor member is used in the shop front façade. A concrete panel with a green matte finish and a white crocodile logo draws the users to store from a distance.

Interior view of the Lacoste Store in Zurich
Interior view of the Lacoste Store in Zurich

This 550 sqm store is spread over two floors based on the ‘Le Club’ concept. Zoning keeps the customer flow in mind, featuring a lamella shoe wall at the entrance and is complemented with seating to look into the shop. The ground floor is dedicated to men’s sportwear. A polo wall with 50 different shades of polos is the focal point of the store and includes a polo bar where the client can customise their polo.  A staircase rendered with wooden lamella and crocodile lit signage leads the user to the first floor dedicated to women’s sportswear, a customisable polo area, and a VIP lounge.

LP 1-9
Year 2018