MEFO Floors

Debuted at the BAU 2023 trade fair in Munich, this 78 square meter exhibition booth for MEFO Floor mimics the curves found in nature. The lighting fixture curves through the space in a wave-like fashion to encourage flow and movement through the stand. We partnered with Naturschreiner Kraus GmbH & Co. KG and Biconsilio to create this statement-making brand experience.

Teaming up with Biconsilio, a Turkish furniture company, led to a double dose of creativity which we brought to our project for MEFO Floor. The oak tables and chairs fit together like curved puzzle pieces and reflect the fluidity of the design concept for MEFO Floor’s exhibition booth at BAU 2023.

LP 1-3
Partners Naturschreiner Kraus GmbH & Co. KG, Biconsilio
Credits Roman Job
Year 2023